Daintree Organic Wholefoods

We stock a wide range of organic products, organic fresh fruit and vegetables, organic bread, frozen meals, healthy snacks, organic ice-cream, cakes, and slices baked fresh daily, organic pies, gluten free options, vegan options, vegetarian options, exotic tropical fruits, local produce and much more! Come in and explore our organic wholefoods store open 7am to 5pm Monday to Friday and Sundays 7am to 3pm. Closed Saturday. We have been eating organically for many years now so our organic wholefoods store is an extension of us and our pantry. This is what we choose to eat and feed our children.

What is organic?

Organic food must be grown in soil without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Organic meat must be raised in living quarters that are accommodating to it’s natural behaviours, fed 100% organic feed and have no antibiotics or hormones. Organic food must also be free of GMOs, or Genetically Modified Organisms. Another way of defining this is to say that an item has not been genetically engineered, or it’s DNA hasn’t been changed.